Practice Areas Overview

Fort Pierce, Florida-based attorney Bradford L. Jefferson, P.A. represents clients in Palm Beach and throughout the Treasure Coast in the following types of cases:

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases generally arise when a person is injured as a result of another party's negligence or wrongful acts.  Negligence occurs when an individual fails to act with the same level of care that a reasonable person would be expected to use under similar circumstances. An individual has engaged in wrongful acts when he or she intentionally harms another person.

To collect compensation for the damages he or she has suffered, a plaintiff pursuing a personal injury lawsuit generally must prove fault on the other party's behalf.  Depending on the harm that was done, an injured victim can potentially recover compensation for both economic and non-economic damages.  Economic damages include financial losses such as medical costs and lost wages, while non-economic damages include the less tangible forms of harm caused by the injury, such as pain and suffering.

Auto Accidents

When an injury results from an automobile accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation after showing that another driver was either negligent or caused intentional harm on the road.  Auto insurance companies regularly undervalue non-economic losses, and adjusters are limited in the amounts they can offer as settlements. If you have been injured in a car accident, it is critical that you retain a lawyer as soon as possible to preserve relevant evidence, protect your rights, and ensure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases arise when a property owner may be responsible for the injury someone sustained while they were on the owner's property.  Injuries can occur in many different places, such as shopping malls, amusement parks, and public walkways, in addition to private property.  Property owners can be held liable for failing to post signs to warn of dangerous conditions, failing to have sufficient security on the premises, or failing to properly maintain buildings, walkways, yards, and roadways, among other areas.

Wrongful Death

It is tragic when someone's negligence or wrongful act results in another person's death.  Although the victim is unable to bring a personal injury claim, his or her family members may be entitled to sue the responsible party under a theory of wrongful death.  Family members who are successful in a wrongful death claim can potentially recover compensation for a variety of economic and non-economic losses, ranging from medical costs incurred prior to the victim's death, to loss of companionship and other losses.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Bradford L. Jefferson, P.A. has particular expertise in handling cases involving traumatic brain injury (TBI).  These cases are surprisingly common and involve unique considerations.  If you or someone you love has suffered a serious head injury, visit the traumatic brain injuries overview.

Seek Experienced Representation

Bradford L. Jefferson has a reputation for obtaining the maximum recovery available to clients in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Through over 200 jury trials, Mr. Jefferson has developed and perfected many tactics to help clients prove their losses and obtain the full compensation they deserve.  To find out how Mr. Jefferson can assist you with your personal injury case, contact Bradford L. Jefferson, P.A. today for a free consultation.