I was in an auto accident. What should I do?

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Call 911

After a motor vehicle accident the first thing to do is report it to local law enforcement.  By law accidents resulting in injury, a hit and run, intoxication or property damage in excess of $500 must be reported immediately.

Next exchange insurance and contact information with all involved motorists.  Try to get contact information from all witnesses. Oftentimes witnesses don't wait around for the police and sometimes the police don't get their info. Be sure to take photos with an available camera or cell phone of all vehicle damage.

You will be asked if you are "all right" or injured.  In the immediate aftermath of an accident it's likely you will have an adrenaline rush and for some reason many people say they are "OK" or "fine" even though they may actually have suffered an injury.  It's always best to qualify your response to these questions.  For example rather than stating you are fine, you can say "I'm shaken up and not sure".  Of course if you are injured you should say so.

Emergency care

The investigating officer will ask if you want to go to the hospital.  If you recognize that you are injured go to the ER. If you are not sure you still go or you can state that you'll see how you are feeling tomorrow and then decide on care. The point to be made is that many people don"t immediately appreciate that they are injured but have pain later that day or the next.

Call an Injury Attorney

Should you recognize you have suffered an injury you should contact an injury attorney.  You likely will have insurance issues and may need help with getting your car repaired or replaced and obtaining a rental. You may also be entitled to lost wage reimbursement.  A qualified injury attorney can help during this stressful and difficult time. 

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